Financial freedom

Financial freedom is a concept about which there is much talk in recent times. It is clear that most people want to be financially free, although there is no unanimity when it comes to addressing this issue.

On the one hand, there are people who think that being financially free is a myth, a legend, an unattainable, that is, something that would be fine but that doubt that can be achieved.

On the other hand, there are people who claim to have the keys and secrets to achieve it, but when you deign to listen to them, the only thing they offer are obvious things like saving more or not spending on what is not strictly necessary.

Financial freedom and your dreams

The concept of financial freedom is closely connected to our dreams and our future ambitions.

The main problem is that, in the societies in which we live, it is difficult to have time to follow one’s dreams. How many times have you heard yourself say: “it is not possible, it is too risky if the idea is good then why no one has thought of it before? if it were so easy they would have already done it.

Yet dreams are important, like having time to follow one’s nature or one’s life mission. What are the most common dreams people have?

  • The first dream is to change the lifestyle: wanting a bigger house, fast cars or having more time to spend with the family.
  • The second dream is to contribute to achieving a better world. The desire and dream of helping people in need to create a foundation, to give hope to those who do not have it, etc. These are all wishes and dreams that closely concern financial freedom.
  • The third dream is to become better people. To get rich we must become stronger both emotionally and mentally. We must, therefore, be able to take up challenges, achieve goals and acquire good habits.

Financial freedom is thinking big:

The other mistake to avoid is to plan not on a large scale but on a smaller scale, you have to have big dreams.

Thinking small for fear of failure is a psychological mechanism among the most common. It allows you to avoid taking responsibility for successes as for failures.

If you want to increase this capacity and consequently your finances, you must follow your dreams and your ambitions.

As Donald Trump said one day:

“Plan your future to become a billionaire, you will become a millionaire!” Check out more how you can accomplish financial freedom here.