budgeting personal finance

Budgeting personal finance is fun

Personal finances do not have to be an insufferable topic, on the contrary, they can be fun, in which you laugh and learn from the paradoxes that the relationship with your money causes.

Let us learn how budgeting personal finance is fun:

  1. Budget:

To make a budget is very much important. Define according to your monthly income, how much you can spend on essential expenses (food, housing, transportation, health, and education), personal expenses and expenses for the future (retirement, unemployment, etc.).

A budget will help you not to spend money that you do not have, to avoid unnecessary debts, to save in earnest, to be prepared for emergencies and to strengthen your willpower to set limits and fulfill your objectives.

  1. Holidays:

Define when, where, with whom, for how long and what activities you want to carry out on your trip.

Once you have it planned, elaborate a budget of what can generate an expense: lodging, meals, transport, activities, and memories. In addition, you should consider an emergency fund to cover any unforeseen events.

  1. Food:

While eating in restaurants is delicious, there are some tricks that can save you up to 50% of what you spend on food.

The first thing you should do is choose the cheapest option of your favorite restaurants and frequent the most expensive option, as little as possible.

Second, we strongly recommend that you prepare your food in advance. When you go to the supermarket, buy only what you’re going to eat. Take into account that 30% of the food is wasted in the world, which also means that we are throwing money away.

  1. Debts:

One of the keys to success in personal finance is the management of debts. And it is that a debt is not strictly bad, the bad thing is not to pay in time and form, which causes bigger debts.

In fact, there is the so-called good debt that, in the long term, will allow you to obtain more income. For example, you can ask for a loan to start a business or to pay for a graduate degree, and in a few years, you can have more money. Check out more tips here.

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